Monday, October 26, 2009

Steiglitz, Victoria, Australia

I played music and spent the night in a town called Steiglitz.....about an hour's drive from Daylesford.  I was told that Steiglitz is an old gold rush, ghost town, and now has about ten families living in its city limits.  My friends and I camped in the hay shed across from the Scotts Hotel, after we spent Saturday evening playing music on the veranda.

Sheep were grazing in the grass behind the hay shed while music was being made in the shade late in the day.  It was a beautiful thing to be a part of.....seeing the day-before-prep, sign making, scurrying about, etc, of the festival's organizers....whilst providing music that was good enough to keep the leader/organizer organizing close enough to hear the improv music of the dulcimer, guitar, folk harp, and bowed saw.  Fun! The landscape of Australia always captures my heart, as does the people I am meeting along my musical way.

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