Carla Linkous Maxwell

Monday, August 21, 2017

My Dear Dad, Roger Linkous

R.I.P. Roger Linkous
In June 2017 I made an emergency trip back to Memphis, Tennessee, to be with my family, as my Dad was in the hospital and not expected to live.

Not long after I arrived in Memphis, my father died at Baptist Hospital, surrounded by dear friends and beloved family members. While I was heartbroken by our loss, I was amazed at the beauty of that moment, as well as his beautiful funeral and burial service.

I spent two weeks in Memphis, surrounded by family and the many, many, visitors who came to his house, remembering Dad for his wonderful impact on friends, family, church, and country. He will never be forgotten!

Roger and Louise Linkous
Married 62 years
Roger LInkous
My American Father's Military Funeral Service Was Beautiful!
photo by Shalee Shields

He was beautiful, inside and out.

Roger Linkous
Roger Linkous

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Adrian Got His Ten-Year Green Card!

We did not have any trouble at the border, entering the U.S.A. in March 2017. Although Adrian and I worried about the fact that he only had a letter from immigration rather than a new green card, he had no trouble crossing the border. We are both very grateful for that!

While we were in Mississippi, we enjoyed our American life -- attending music events, eating delicious food, visiting with our American family and friends, and sharing our American life with my Australian step-son, Lee.

I think it is best to describe the fun with photos. Here's a recap of our springtime in America.

We had good visits with our friends.

We enjoyed tasty tamales and supporting local business. 

We got an education about fishing in the Mississippi River.

We played music during the Juke Joint Festival!

We revisited our wedding site!

We took a vacation to New Orleans.

We made a little noise on the corner of Third & Issaquena.

We took selfies along the way.

We took selfies along the way.

We kept brainstorming about what to do with
the second floor of The Holy Moly.

We shared Clarksdale's yumminess with Lee.

Of course, we visited Waffle House!

We had a little fun in Memphis, Tennessee!

We enjoyed spending time with Alex & Kevin!

I thank God and the U.S.A. that we were able to do these things!