Carla Linkous Maxwell

Friday, September 22, 2017


Adrian and I have purchased a nearly-vintage BMW convertible, as a second car in Australia. I now have an Australian driver license, and I have driven the beamer three times! I can do it! I never thought I would drive in any other country than America, but I did. The roundabouts make my head spin a bit, so I'm taking to driving slowly in Australia.

We purchased this car in wintertime, so we have hardly had a chance to experience the open road with the roof down. As you can see from my photos, we bundled up to take a few road trips, anyway. 

From the passenger side, I took pictures as we drove by the canola fields in Victoria. The canola fields in Australia are as beautiful to me as the American cotton fields in the Mississippi Delta. Each crop has its beauty and perfect season. The yellow of the flowering canola field is spectacular in the sunlight and lifts my spirits, anytime I see it. 

With Adrian driving, it was luxurious fun for both of us…...until I was taking pictures of the constable on the other side of the car. (Adrian has committed to taking the road more slowly, as you can imagine.)

Anyway, I'm feeling blessed, and my backyard bird pictures look a lot better with my BMW in the background!

The Birds in My Backyard

I've just spent the last few months in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, feeding and photographing the beautiful birds in my backyard. I should just let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are only a few of the thousands and thousands of photos I have taken with my iPhone 5.