Carla Linkous Maxwell

Friday, September 28, 2018

Spending Time With My Family

For the past few months I have been blessed by many fun visits with my family. In June-July, my daughter and son-in-law came to visit Adrian and me in Australia. The four of us enjoyed the luxury of three weeks together, traveling, sight-seeing eating out, thrift-store shopping, staying home, and cooking together. The last time I spent more than a few days with my daughter was about 10 years ago; and, Adrian and I had never before spent more than a few hours with our son-in-law. We are very thankful that we had time to enjoy each other's company.

Just off the plane in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 25, 2018
Kevin and Alex at Tasma House and Gardens (2018)

The four of us took a little road-trip up the Great Ocean Road, taste-testing coffee and pastries and shopping in opp-shops, as you do on any good Australian holiday. It was fun to show this side of the world to our Memphis kids. 

Of course, we made it a point to pose with the kangaroos and koalas at the Ballarat Wildlife Centre. Some might think these are silly things to do, but I see blessings in all of these activities. The safe travel, the good family activities and food, the beauty of nature (even that which is found in a wildlife shelter), quality time together building stronger relationships.....all these things I appreciate and do not take for granted.  I am thankful for the time we have had together as a family.

Kangaroos, Alex, and Me at Ballarat Wildlife Park

I've enjoyed spending time with my step-sons and their girlfriends, as well. Lucky me, to have steppies! They are brilliant and creative, and they stay busy, just like their father! We celebrated their birthdays, recently. Family gatherings....I do love them, on both sides of the world! 

Lee, Jake, and Adrian
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
It's nearly time to return to Clarksdale, Mississippi. I know it is a privilege to live life in two countries. I look forward to continuing the commuting between America and Australia and the combined city-country-lifestyle for as long as Adrian and I can do this together. Our lifestyle is filled with blessings!

Alex Hudspeth and Adrian Kosky
Alex Hudspeth and Adrian Kosky
Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
June 27, 2018

Carla Maxwell and Adrian Kosky
Carla Maxwell and Adrian Kosky
Ryanston, Victoria, Australia
July 1, 2018