Carla Linkous Maxwell

Friday, December 23, 2022

Our Big Art Project - Puff the Magic Wagon!

I mentioned in an earlier post that magpies would be featured in a bigger art project. This is it! Puff the Magic Wagon! Hopefully, Adrian and I will be spending a bit of time on the road with Puff the Magic Wagon in 2023. 

During 2021-2022 Adrian and I worked together on our biggest art project to date. We purchased a gypsy wagon built by Bowtop Wagons. Since we were purchasing our beautiful gypsy wagon during lock downs in Victoria, Adrian and I used a photo of another gypsy wagon, an iPad, and an art program to design the layout for the art on the wagon. Karlie Brewer did an excellent job applying her painting skills and presenting the artwork just as we supplied her via email. 

Puff the Magic Wagon

I'll be posting more about Puff, as we get out and see where she takes us.

Alan Brewer did an amazing job building this beautiful wagon.
Adrian Kosky did an excellent job with his first towing experience,
getting Puff the Magic Wagon safely home from Canungra, Queensland,  to Tasma House and Gardens in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.