Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back in the U.S. for Christmas

I am looking forward to seeing my daughter and the rest of my family during the holidays!  I have been in Australia and/or New Zealand since sometime in on a VERY limited budget......and have been able to find a reasonable airfare to take me back to Memphis for a week in December.  The airfares are so unpredictable!  I'm happy to have found this particular airfare that gives me a round-trip for less than $1,600!

I am absolutely NOT looking forward to going through the customs routines and responsibilities during the holidays, though.  I understand and appreciate MOST of the processes during security checks.....but the whole ordeal feels like quite an ordeal, usually.

It would be fantastic to bring friends and/or family back to Australia with me.......Not that I want to subject anyone to the customs/security processes that I dislike.....but because, I confess.....I think misery does love company.....and, I have a feeling that if I were not going through the security processes alone as I enter and exit Australia, I would not feel so downtrodden as I travel.

Adrian and I have been preparing his beautiful place in Daylesford, Tasma House and Gardens (which I like to call "Dulcimer Central"), for visitors -- whether musical or not -- and it would be awesome to help my friends enjoy this visit with me.  I reckon that should be the focus of my energy....getting someone to come with me....maybe several somebodies!

There are 12 cardboard mountain dulcimers and several strumsticks ordered and, hopefully, on their way to Daylesford as I write.....perhaps I should be bringing that many folks back with me to join me in strummin' up down under?!  I know that would make my travels more fun. I'll put that on my "wish list."

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