Monday, December 21, 2009

Three Exciting Things in Daylesford

Charlie Parr House Concert:

In celebration of the excitement that is to come as we kick back and
strum, Tasma House and Gardens is hosting a house concert on January
24, 2010, for Charlie Parr during his tour of Australia.

Sleepover Coffee House:

There's a new and mighty-fine brew at the Sleepover Coffee House
opening up in Daylesford, Victoria. Participants will bask in
friendly, affordable, small town, luxury at Tasma House and Gardens.
Overnight guests of the Sleepover Coffee House will enjoy dinner,
breakfast, and a community cafe experience that includes casual music
making with local performing artists.

Table Hill Music Camps:

Table Hill Music Camps begin in 2010! Making music is going to be
easy....whether folks want to take their first try at making music or
simply want to play music a new way....instrument and vocal workshops
can make that happen! Offering weekend and week-long workshops, Table
Hill Music Camps is opening its cute-little-bungalow doors in
Daylesford, by offering mountain dulcimer and strumstick workshops for

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