Friday, April 23, 2010

Table Hill Performing at the Radio Springs Hotel

Adrian Kosky and I play as a duo we call "Table Hill," most weekends, these days.  We strum and twang up on a variety of instruments, including baritone and standard dulcimers, a strum stick, a banjo dulcimer that the luthier, Bob Magowan, named a "jocimer," and guitar.  It's always a learning experience for me as I play music.....whether I am actually wanting a learning experience or not......and I'm always thankful for the chance to play music for the folks at the Radio Springs Hotel.

Lately I've been taking my handy-dandy-digital recorder with me to these weekend gigs and trying to capture the essence of my learning experiences.  I'm not always happy about what I learn.....but I'm always happy that I can learn and move forward......leaving behind bits that bother me and taking with me nuggets of a positive, hopefully, become a better person and a more musical musician.

Here's a sound clip from last Sunday's live/raw performance in Lyonville:

Table Hill Performing at the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville

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