Sunday, July 18, 2010

Listening to Recordings from the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville

As I type this blog entry, I am listening to recent recordings I made during performances at the Radio Springs Hotel with Phil Mac and Adrian Kosky.....Adrian played guitar, tambourine, and strumstick, Phil Mac played harmonica, bowed saw, egg-shaker, and triangle, and I played a mountain dulcimer.

Reflecting on yesterday's musical moments feels good.  I enjoy thinking about the kindness and generosity of my new friends Ken and Jackie (they are the proprietors of the Radio Springs Hotel & Pub) as well as the smiling faces of the people who happen to be in the hotel during these performances.

After our performance yesterday, Adrian, Phil, and I lingered long enough to hear some wonderful sounds from one of my other new friends, Australia's Queen of the Double Bass -- Liz Frencham, who played beautiful music with her friends Myles White (guitar) and Pete Fidler (dobro).  The trio was fantastic!  At one point, Liz invited Phil Mac to join them for a song  That was pretty cool....hearing my friend, Phil, perform an original poem/song and capture the hearts and attention of the entire pub whilst accompanied by Liz's trio of double bass, guitar, and dobro.  Yes....very cool.  I've got video.

I haven't yet uploaded to the internet any of the sounds that I've been listening to, nor my video clips that I've been reviewing, but I'm looking forward to sharing those things, in time.

For now, here's a picture that, hopefully, will relay the idea.....without an extra thousand words.....of just how warm and inviting the Radio Springs Hotel & Pub in Lyonville, Victoria, Australia, is.  I like it there, and I'll be sharing those sounds soon.

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