Friday, July 9, 2010

Mountain Dulcimer in an Australian Mainstream Magazine!

Today I received by mail a copy of The Wanderer magazine, "Australia's Largest RV Club Magazine," July 2010, Volume 25 No 7 issue, which includes my story about making music with a mountain dulcimer on road trips in Australia!  I'm so excited that publishers were interested in my musical mountain dulcimer story which Adrian Kosky submitted to the magazine for me.  Here's one of the pictures we sent in with my story:

From The Wanderer, July 2010

That's a self-portrait I made after a play by the pond one day last year at Tasma House Music and Arts doubt one of the days spent pondering up my story that I hoped would be published someday.

Click the little magazine picture below to follow a link to the photo album that includes pictures of my mountain dulcimer story, if interested in reading it.

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