Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keeping a Calendar Again!

For the past two years, it seems like all I have been doing is taking pictures of ducks and other visitors to Tasma Gardens.  I have enjoyed that activity and the ducks have gotten comfortable with me.  They fly in and land in the pond regardless of my presence.  I take that as a compliment!  They are not shy about making baby ducks when I am nearby either!!

It hasn't been very difficult to keep up with my schedule.  Sleep late, get dressed (perhaps), grab camera, snap pictures, download pics, upload pics, eat when the time is right, bathe as long as possible, watch a rented tv series from time-to-time, go to bed early, and plan on repeating this schedule the next day.....with hope of adding time for thankfulness and catching up with my meditation.

It has been a couple of years since I bothered with keeping a calendar, and I am ready to start again.

So......I've been to Ballarat, and I now have a refill-calendar-insert that's ready to be filled with good stuff.  Here's a picture of my new place to plander......that's my way to say that I like to wonder and wander and plan while I ponder.

Now.....I need to find a few activities that will work with my usual routines.

Who knows, I might even end up with a cell phone before 2012.....I do remember a time when I enjoyed random, inspirational,....and, many international, conversations on my mobile phone.  It could be good to talk whilst I walk in the garden.

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