Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm experimenting with Pinterest.  I have hesitated entering Pinterest world, because I did not see a need for it.  I'm still not sure I "need" pinterest, but I see that it is a GOOD thing.  It is basically a virtual, visual, collection space.  A place to pin-up what one wants to see again and to share those things with the world while keeping the original photo's credit/copyright, location, etc.

Although I am not (at this time) collecting the way many others collect photos on Pinterest -- collecting recipes, dream-vacation spot photographs, or pictures of high-heeled-dream-shoes and wedding dresses -- I do see Pinterest as an excellent place to place advertisements and promotions of things that are good.

My experimentation with Pinterest has mostly been in sharing things I love about Tasma House.  Without SELLING Tasma House, I am able to use Pinterest to show why Tasma House is a lovely place for families and friends to gather.

On the link below, I have used an RSS feed of my Pinterest account to share here what I have shared there.


Click here for a link to my Pinterest pin-board/profile page.

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