Monday, January 14, 2013

Setting Up House in Clarksdale, Mississippi!

Converting an optometrist office to a cozy bedroom was not easy....but it was relatively inexpensive, considering that the office came with the building which Adrian and I just purchased and that it is now furnished, mostly, with items I owned or found in the building.  

Here's the "before" picture of the bedroom, which includes an optometry exam chair, some sort of lighted optometry machine, a variety of eyeglass display cases and a sink.

The next picture is the in-between stage of the room changeover.  It was a storage place for a few days. After the equipment was moved out, and before the room became a bedroom, my clothes, shoes, and linens were stored in the room.

After a few hours of shuffling items out of and into the room, the transformation in to a bedroom was done. A big part of changing the room was covering ugly wall marks with beautiful pictures.  No more visible ugly wall marks.  No urgent need to paint or wallpaper the bedroom.

LOTS of pictures and mirrors were needed to cover up ugly wall marks, an electrical outlet, a light dimmer switch, and a wall-phone jack.  Luckily, I had lots of pictures and mirrors!  No need to look at ugly wall marks.  There's now a fake plant in the sink.  I think I'll replace it with a real plant and use the faucet to make sure it is watered regularly.

The only purchase for the room was the bed that was bought from a local furniture store.  I have not slept in it yet, but it is comforting to know that it is a comfortable bed that is ready to go. 

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