Sunday, June 2, 2013

Living in Clarksdale, Mississippi!

Well, my house is looking pretty good, and I'm feeling really comfortable in Clarksdale now.  I'm living in the first apartment inside The Holy Moly!
have photos of family & friends and a bit of my child's artwork on the fridge.  I have cooked a few meals, made double doozie chocolate chip cookies, enjoyed a steady supply of lemonade, and kept up with the clothes washing in my simple, though unusual, American home. (I also have a comfy guest room for friends and family members to visit.)

Of course, I'm feeling blessed to be living this American city-mouse life half of the year and the Australian country-mouse life during the other half.  I'll soon be leaving America mid-summer to return to Australia mid-winter two days later!  WOW!!  I never expected to be living like this!  

There was a lovely article about Adrian Kosky and me in the Press Register's Profile magazine recently.  Click here to see my photos of the article.

Last February, before we returned to Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, Adrian and I made this little singing invitation to send to folks.  

We hosted a small gathering to let people come to our corner and have a sticky beak into The Holy Moly.  It was wonderful to share this place with our new friends.  I'm looking forward to many more gatherings on this corner.....hopefully, many will be musical.  

I posted more information about our life in the Mississippi Delta on our website for The Holy Moly.  Click here if you would like to go there.

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