Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Holy Moly Drug Store is Now a Fast Food Restaurant!

The Holy Moly Drug Store started out as a seasonal ice cream shop/vintage soda fountain/espresso bar. Within its first year it has grown up to be a year-round fast-food restaurant that serves meals, along with ice cream, soda, beer, cold press juice, espresso, and good ol' Southern sweet tea (unsweet tea is also available) during every business hour. As of July, 2015, The Holy Moly Drug Store is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. and every Sunday from 11:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.

The Holy Moly Drug Store is at 301 Issaquena Avenue --
not to be confused by, but located within, The Holy Moly at 218 Third Street
Clarksdale, Mississippi
I never would have guessed that I would find myself behind the counter of a fast-food restaurant for nearly 50 hours per week, at this stage in my life -- 40 years after working at Wendy's when I was a teenager. I didn't really want to do this again….ever!  Some days, I still don't want to do this. Nevertheless, I do it, and I am thankful for my teenage work experience that taught me the skills that I am currently using to own, operate and manage (with my husband) this funny, fast-food, business.

Here's a look at our latest menu, after having gone through several upgrades to the operating system.  The Holy Moly Drug Store has come a long way from selling only ice cream, coffee, and soda!

There's a need for what Adrian and I are doing at The Holy Moly Drug Store.  So, that makes working in our new fast-food restaurant worthwhile (even when I am sick of it), as we continue to revitalise The Holy Moly building in the historic downtown blues precinct of Clarksdale, Mississippi.

It seems that I am always worrying about, or at least wondering about, what people think of me.  Right now, as I write, I am wondering how my complaining will come across, and I am worried about that. I am hoping that people don't think that Adrian and I are doing this (fast-food business) for the money.  We have quite a few days where money is going out (in buying bananas and tons of other groceries at Walmart, paying sales tax, and setting up worker's compensation insurance for future employees) faster than it is coming in.

My husband and I are doing this together, and we both work very hard, standing for hours after hours in the shop, cooking, planning, problem solving, and waiting for the hand-full of customers who might come in to The Holy Moly Drug Store.  We take advantage of quiet moments in the shop by posting pictures online and trying to advertise via social media, which is the only kind of advertising we can afford.  Adrian plays a little bit of music on The World's Smallest Stage, when the time is right. That makes me happy!

I'm exhausted, I'm feeling cranky, and I have a sore foot now, as I confess all of this. The good news is that diabetes hasn't taken away the pain sensation in my feet.  The bad news is that I spend most of my days standing and working on a concrete floor in worn out shoes from Walmart.  It's time to replace the shoes, I know, but it's not quite time to replace myself in the shop.  I pray that time comes quickly!

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