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Friday, April 16, 2010

Playing/Improvisation with a Piano

I played a dulcimer most of the afternoon today in Daylesford, and I recorded a few of my tunes as I played by the pond at Tasma House Music and Arts Retreat.  I thought I might share those simple sounds via my blog, but....once again....I have been easily sidetracked by my own thoughts.....and I'm sharing some piano improvisation, instead.

I recorded these musical moments last month, and I don't think I have shared them before.  I remember being disappointed with this playing session at the time, because the sounds I was making were not matching what I was wanting to hear.  I'm glad I kept the clips, though, because now that they have been resting unattended in my computer, I can listen with another perspective, and I appreciate what I have been able to do.  A few years ago, I could only play scales on a piano....and they were not very musical.  It's good to hear what is happening between my mind and my fingers.

My piano playing is evolving, slowly....I can hear the changes.  The first two sound clips that I am sharing below are my usual marchy sounds, but the second two clips have some interesting rhythms that I don't remember playing.  I'm glad I did, though!  And, I hope I can play this way again someday!

There IS a lot to be said for the talent of writing and reading musical scores.  I appreciate people who have that ability.  Unfortunately, I do not currently have the skills to read or write music that matches what I want to play on the piano.  So I just PLAY.  Here are a few samples of what recently happened at the piano keys whilst I was playing:

Piano Improvisation, Part 1, March 3, 2010

Piano Improvisation, Part 2, March 3, 2010

Piano Improvisation, Part 1, March 15, 2010

Piano Improvisation, Part 2, March 15, 2010

I am SO thankful for this skill/talent/ soothes my soul to PLAY.....and it comforts my mind to hear the sounds that come from improvisational playing.

Today's dulcimers sounds will not be blogged up by this blogger on a Blogger Blogspot blog today, but...they just may end up in my  iMovie of tomorrow.


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