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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Proper Citation for Songs

Lately I've been posting so much of my own music that I temporarily forgot a most important part about sharing information!  In my previous post I shared a performance of the song, "Bad Moon Rising" and the song, "I Walk the Line," but I failed to recognize the writers of those songs......and I hereby profusely apologize regarding the improper posting!

My intent was simply to share an experience from my past.....the only way I know how to best share something.....and that is to get some kind of copy of it out in the universe via the big WWW.  So I freely popped up a recording of my past performance of the song, "Bad Moon Rising" and a recording of the song, "I Walk the Line," both of which I recorded with my personal and handy-dandy-digital recorder....but I left out this bit:  "Click here for information about the song, 'Bad Moon Rising,' a song by Creedance Clearwater Revival, 1969, written by John Fogerty.  Also, the song "I Walk the Line" was written, recorded, and made legendary by Johnny Cash.  Click here to read more about Johnny Cash's hit, "I Walk The Line."

S o r r y!!

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