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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shotgun Shack in Daylesford

Adrian Kosky, Phil McNamara, and Al Stanley are Shotgun Shack.  I am always taken in and taken away by this band's hypnotic, pounding, cranked-up-Mississippi-Delta sounds, which Adrian recently labeled as "shambolic," as it is music that goes to shambles and comes back-around-again....and right on cue.  That's the music of Shotgun Shack.

This is my video clip of Shotgun Shack during a performance at Horvat's in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, on January 29, 2011.  Click here if the video does not appear below.  It was a nighttime performance and Horvat's was getting quite dark.....thus the special effects on this video.

Since I am usually holding my camera during video taping, I get surprised when I watch the play-back and don't see the bouncing that was going on in my head!

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