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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Dirt Music" Festival in Rupanyup, Victoria, Australia

Last weekend I enjoyed a new road trip to a small country town in Victoria, Australia, called, "Rupanyup."  [......Rupanyup is pronounced as "ru-PAN-yup," and is not pronounced the rhymey way I started in, "I took my PUP to "RUPanYUP."

Adrian and I were invited to join RuPANyup's first annual "Dirt Music" festival, as the micro-band, "Table Hill."  That gave me a big be on the ground floor of a "dirt music" festival.......for REAL!  Oh, and I think one of the best things about this bliss was that the good folks at the festival allowed Table Hill to musically noodle beside Jelly Bean, a little toy poodle.  (These days, I'm not too far behind four, little, sweet, puppy feet.)

Rupanyup is rich with wise and gracious people, and I hope to be there again someday to have another play.....perhaps on a porch.....or at night with a torch.  It won't matter when, as long as I get to enjoy that place again.  I yearn to return to the simple pleasure of this musical treasure.....the "Dirt Music" Festival in Rupanyup, Victoria, Australia.

[The lovely picture of Table Hill with Jelly Bean was taken by David Craker.]

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