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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Double Doozies Down Under!

Chocolate Chip Double Doozie Cookies......I am thankful for them.

I baked up a batch a couple of days ago.  It had been over two years since I baked my last batch, I think.  My cookbooks have been in storage in Memphis, and I think I have had a slight fear of finding another recipe and converting the measurements here in Daylesford.  I found out that my fears were well founded, btw, as I dealt with creating a whole new recipe from my favorite one.....because of the differing units of measurements and being unfamiliar with Australian packaging, etc., etc., I left my American kitchen's comfort zone in my past.

I've been trying to create a new comfort zone.....and Chocolate Chip Double Doozies are a big part of that!  So......after my helpful daughter sent me the ingredients list from my ol' comfy cookie recipe from the Mrs. Witty's Monster Cookies book she purchased from, I decided I would take on the challenge of converting measurements and creating a new way to bake.  And, I did.  I baked a batch of bickies.....using a Double Doozie Icing recipe that I found online:  Click here to follow a link to the Double Doozie Icing Recipe that I used.

It was a mental math exercise, but the main thing is.....Double Doozies are always INCREDIBLE.....and these are quite edible, having an Australian look and feel, as they sit in their jar, or on my plate, or even in my tummy.  They are yummy.

The video above is virtual proof that a kookaburra flew in and sat on a branch outside my kitchen window, above a batch of freshly baked Chocolate Chip Double Doozie bickies, as I was blogging.

I am thankful for being able to blog about baking Chocolate Chip Double Doozies in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.


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