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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wounded Cockatoo

For the past few months I have been observing and feeding a wounded cockatoo.  I'm happy to see improvement! The cockatoo seems to be getting along as well as all the others now.  Here's a slide show of some recent pictures I have taken:

Wounded Cockatoo in Daylesford

Here's a link to the photo album, if the slideshow is not displaying above:  Click here to view my pictures of the wounded cockatoo.

And here's a short iMovie I made:

It's more than just a feeding ritual now.  We have a relationship.....I think that this wounded cockatoo and I have a mutual respect for each other and that there's a bit of uplifting of our spirits going on here in my big backyard.

Here's a link to the video, if it is not being displayed above:  Click here to watch the Wounded Cockatoo iMovie I made.

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