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Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Got Married Last Monday!

It seems like I have been avoiding my blog, I know; but I have not felt like I had anything new enough to blog about......until now!

I got married last Monday to my best friend and de facto partner, Adrian Kosky.  

We made the mutual decision to get married on Monday afternoon.  By Monday evening around 7:00, we were a married couple finishing our meal at the Atzimba Mexican Restaurant in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The Wedding Venue: Atzimba Mexican Restaurant

Randall Andrews performed the marriage ceremony.

We admired the fancy Mississippi Marriage License.

I have a cute little Wal-Mart wedding ring,
because the local jewellery store was closed Monday.

Our friend, Robin Colonas, happened to be at Atzimba's
and snapped this wedding pic with her iPhone.

The wedding feast was our favourite mexican meal: chicken chimichanga.

We went to the Shack Up Inn on our wedding night
 to hear an Australian band, Money for Rope.

Our first breakfast as a married couple: donuts from Delta Donut

Part two of our first breakfast as a married couple: egg & cheese biscuits
at the famous cross roads of highways 49 & 61 in Clarksdale, Mississippi 

We have been a de facto couple in Australia for five years, although in the U.S.A. we were not considered a married (or legal) couple.  So, the new bit that we are really enjoying is the decision to use the words "husband" and "wife."

Other "new" things that I have experienced within the past six months are related to my health.  I have had a tumour removed and am, thankfully, recovered from the surgery.  Also, I have been learning to live with diabetes. 

Now that these things have been blogged out.....I feel a bit better, and I'm grateful that my unusual life can continue, as usual.  

Happily de factoed up in Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia, September 2013,
the day before my surgery. Photo by Susan Gordon-Brown

Post-surgery "iPhone selfie"
with my Table Hill band mates, Phil McNamara and my de facto partner --Adrian Kosky,
at the Radio Springs Hotel, Lyonville, Victoria, Australia, February 2014

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