Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mountain Dulcimer + Bowed Saw

I've been listening to my recent recordings from the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, Victoria, Australia, and I'm sharing two more from a performance on October 23, 2010.  These two tunes belong to Phil Mac, my bowed-saw-playing, Aussie-muso-songwriter, friend.  Here's my photo of Phil from last year:

Here are two of our performance recordings, as mentioned above:

Sometimes when Dr. Phil Mac puts down his saw, he picks up his harmonica.  Here's my photo of Phil with his harp at a music festival in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia, in 2009.  

Phil is an awesome poet/performer.  I like the sounds he makes with that bowed-saw!  He's the man with the triangle at times, too. (See the photo below.  I took that photo last year at Breakfast and Beer. Phil Mac and Adrian Kosky, all-amped-up and performing at October Fest in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.)  

I'm just sayin'..... whatever he is playin' -- saw, triangle, egg-shakers, or harmonica --my friend Phil adds depth to droning dulcimer sounds! 

I thank God for bringing new friends and a variety of music into my life!

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