Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

This is my HUGE cake
chosen just right for me
by my hubby, Adrian Kosky, on Sydney rd
Brunswick, Australia (He knows me well!)
I am enjoying my birthday week in Australia! It's a blessing to be here enjoying life with Adrian & Miss Jelly Bean, along with many friends & family on this side of the world.

As I cut into my black forest cake, I paused to remember I should leave some for others to enjoy. 
I'm always thankful for the privilege of travel and for having time to spend with family & friends, wherever I am.

While in Australia, Adrian and I have been working on The Holy Moly project. We're heading into the next phase! We have big news to reveal soon!! We are SO excited about what is happening with The Holy Moly Drug Store in Clarksdale, Mississippi!

A group of young photographers recently visited The Holy Moly Drug Store.
Clarksdale, Mississippi - June 2015

It's too early now; but, hopefully, I'll be posting our great news in a few days.

It was lovely to have Red Hat Society ladies enjoying lunch
at The Holy Moly Drug Store!
Clarksdale, Mississippi - June 2015

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