Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Life of Randomnymity

In my last post, I wrote about enjoying unexpected free time, before leaving Clarksdale, Mississippi, to return to Daylesford, Victoria.

For some reason, I don't consider any time in Australia as "free time." Although my activities here are often random, I consider that all my time here is time to enjoy life and be happy. 

As I write this, I realize that I'm ashamed of myself for not having the same frame of mind when I'm in the U.S.A. Perhaps, in the past, I haven't thought of life in America as my choice, as I was born there. At this moment, I'm regretting any lack of appreciation of life anywhere at any time, and hope that my attitude will be better, the next time I'm there in my Mississippi home. I will be there by choice, as I have been here in Australia by choice. 

I don't know if I will actually have "free time," the next time I'm at The Holy Moly; but, hopefully, my attitude will be the same there as it is here -- thinking that all my time is time to enjoy life and be happy. 

I feel guilty when I realise that I have not been counting blessings!

Anyway, returning to my present thoughts of living in the moment, every moment, here's a bit about what I have been thinking about since returning to Tasma House two weeks ago.

(Random thoughts, I have them all the time. I guess they have become routine.)

In the spirit of randomness, I snapped an iPhone photo of two magpies in the garden a couple of days ago. I almost trashed the photo, because, of course, the photograph wasn't necessary; but something about the beauty of the moment, made me save the picture and think about it. 

A moment of inspiration on Table Hill rd.
I didn't think too long, before I picked up my pencil and started drawing in my sketchpad. I didn't really like the drawing, at first; but I wanted to be busy and happy with something to do.

It crossed my mind to make a musical poster
for the Table Hill band out of my magpie drawing,
but it wasn't really needed.
Sometimes, I can stress myself out by worrying about the details of a drawing, until I remember that I am just drawing, because I want to draw.

Worrying about the details in drawing this brick driveway
could drive me crazy!
So, I drew a few bricks in the incredibly detailed landscape and decided it was time to randomly do something else. I played with my picture in iPhoto and Comic Life and found happiness in creating this digital piece of art. I was happy with my decision to stop worrying about the bricks and just enjoyed the memory of a magpie that randomly inspired me to make art.

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