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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back in My Big Backyard

I returned to Australia in September, and I'm enjoying the small-country-town-life in Daylesford again, along with lots of attention from Miss Jelly Bean.

Today was a day for household chores at Tasma House and Gardens with Adrian.  Housework is not something I enjoy doing, but I appreciate the ability to do it.  It has been just over one year since I had a tumour removed and dealt with the fears that go along with such a surgery.  I am thankful that everything went well and that I am healthy enough to travel and to do the kind of work that I need to be doing, as I return to Daylesford.

Fortunately, I have also been able to do things that I really enjoy doing.  I have had a few lovely visits with family and friends, and I have had a couple of good sessions making music with a few of the friends in my mountain dulcimer world.

I've taken some selfies to show these situations.

Of course, I have been feeding the beautiful birds in my big backyard and photographing them with my iPhone and sharing those photos via Instagram.  It's heartwarming to get visits from the familiar flock.  I especially enjoy seeing Limpy doing well and returning for my handouts of wild bird food and leftover sourdough bread bits.

My small-country-town-life in Daylesford is, aesthetically, much different from my downtown-city-life in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Here in Australia I am blessed with beautiful garden surrounds, where I am always in awe of the cockatoos and other wildlife.

I know beautiful birds and gardens are found all over the U.S.A, but I, personally, don't experience everyday interaction with them when I'm in America.  These things aren't right outside my door in Clarksdale.

The home I will return to in November is beautiful because of its uniqueness and because of its place in a Mississippi Delta community that I now love and appreciate.  As of September 19, 2014 (the day I left the U.S.A.), this is what my home in Clarksdale looked like:

Next on the agenda in Clarksdale (November through January) is creating a theatre at The Holy Moly.  Adrian and I are well on our way to completing that task.  Just before we left Clarksdale, we checked out the new look and sound of the old masonic meeting room.  Here's what we found:

Next on the agenda in Daylesford:

more visiting with family & friends, more playing with my poodle, more walks at the Daylesford lake, more scones from the Peppermill Cafe, more group-accommodation bed-making, more bird feeding in my big backyard, and a bit more music making…..all that and more…..God-willing.

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