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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Holy Moly Business Cards are Coming Soon!

After a couple of lovely months in Australia, I have returned to Clarksdale, Mississippi, with my husband, Adrian Kosky.

Adrian and I picked up where we left off with The Holy Moly Drug Store, our ice cream parlour/vintage soda fountain/coffee shop which is located inside The Holy Moly on the corner of Third & Issaquena.  We changed our business hours from evening to daytime, this time.  We were back in business for two weeks before the ice cream freezer malfunctioned, and we actually experienced a major melt-down.

We took the mid-winter-melting of our ice cream stock as a sign that it was time for Season Two of The Holy Moly Drug Store story to come to an end, and we closed the shop.  We plan to reopen the door to the ice cream store in March, when the weather is better, whether it's chilly outside or not.

While we are waiting on freezer repairs, we are finishing work upstairs at The Holy Moly.  Two more live-work-apartments are being created.  These spaces will be places for those involved in future work at The Holy Moly.  The Holy Moly Theatre and The Holy Moly Temple of Treats are in need of full calendars of events, and events need support workers.  Those support workers will have places to live (if needed) in the building.  So Adrian and I are busy, busy, busy, with the building of another business, for which we have ordered our official business cards. We're beginning the business of The Holy Moly!

It seems that my husband and I are always ticking the "other" box, where categories are being defined.  What is our business? Where will we be at any given time? Sometimes our answers to these questions might, unintentionally, sound obscure or vague.  While neither one of us likes to feel boxed-in or overly-obligated, we do enjoy being free to do what we want to do, when we want to do it, within reason, of course, unless we are feeling randomly unreasonable……which is feasible…..considering that we seem to always be checking that "other" box, as I mentioned above.   

It is not our intention to confuse people with creativity.  That would be unkind.  I believe that confusion is just a side-issue/bi-product of trying to live with Creativity.  It must be.  Though it must be controlled, as I have lived most of my life in a state of confusion, no matter where I have been, and Creativity has been there with me…..even before I met Adrian!

Now, as we embark on The Holy Moly business together, Adrian and I will not want to be stifled, boxed-in, overly-obligated, nor disregarded.  We are looking for ways to be creative, collectively, with our community in Clarksdale and Coahoma County, in the Mississippi Delta and beyond.

One of the signs that was designed for The Holy Moly building and that is hanging in The Holy Moly Drug Store is a "Creative Mississippi" sign.  

Since the building work is nearly finished and The Holy Moly Drug Store ice cream shop is temporarily closed, Adrian and I will soon have time to get really creative in Mississippi!  I pray that our collective creativity in Clarksdale is a good thing for everyone.

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