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Thursday, March 18, 2021

I'm Learning to Use an Apple Pencil!

A few months ago I started using an Apple Pencil with an iPad and a little app called Procreate. I've been applying my learning, by way of creating little Table Hill posters for Instagram and Facebook. Youtube videos by Lisa Bardot have been very helpful. 

My knowledge of digital art is very basic, but I'm happy to keep learning and applying skills! I'm thankful to have Table Hill music and the Radio Springs Hotel gigs as a purpose for my art fun. Here are a few posters I've created with the Apple Pencil on an iPad with Procreate.

Blog post update: 31 May 2021, I'm still enjoying my Apple Pencil, iPad, and Procreate app! Here are a few more posters I've made for Table Hill music:

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