Sunday, October 7, 2012

First World Pains

I'm blogging from my BRAND NEW COMPUTER!  Feeling happy and blessed to have this luxury birthday present ordered by Adrian.  

What are my "first world pains?" The learning curve, for sure.....lots of newness to deal with.....My "old" computer was purchased in 2007 with hopes of doing all kinds of photo editing and movie making, etc.  As it turned out, I never did need the fancy photo editing software, and I never made any major movies.  My old computer served me well, though, and it worked very hard, down to its last 4.46 gigs....bless its heart!

Here's a photo of my BRAND NEW COMPUTER! 

I'm using this post as a test, to see how my recent recording of "Little Red Rooster" works as an embedded file.  My old way of sharing music is not available, apparently.  Blast!  I had a good system going with GoDaddy's free blog, Switch (a free file conversion program), and my handy-dandy-digital recorder.  GoDaddy's free blog seems to not be compatible with my new OSX software, because I cannot upload my recordings on my GoDaddy blog like I used to.  

I've seen tweets refer to "first world pains," and I understand this phenomenon, very well.  I believe it is the pain of stress caused by luxury items.  I'm stressed right now, and all I want to do is share my music the way I usually share my music....without having to learn new technology.  Nevertheless, I will strive to learn how to get my recordings simply shared on my free GoDaddy blog at

Until then, here's a sample from last night's gig :) at the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, Victoria, Australia.  This is my personal recording of Table Hill's performance of "Little Red Rooster." Please notice and click on the play button shown below, to listen to Table Hill.

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