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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Snapshots of My Day in Daylesford

There's no real reason to write about today or share pictures.....other than, "Because I can."

As usual.....I have taken LOTS of pictures today, randomly and unnecessarily, but also, as usual, I am happy for the chance to look at these pictures, remember the simple blessings I have received, and be thankful.

I watched Adrian work in the pond today.

I sat with my big little 1-year-old puppy today.  She was feeling sick yesterday, so I was happy to see her back to normal today.  

A couple of cockatoos followed me to the front garden of Tasma House today.  I marveled at their beauty enhanced by the wonder of the paulownia tree.  Here are three of the pictures I snapped. As always, I was thankful that the cockatoos did not seem threatened by me or my camera. 

I even took a picture of a spider sitting on the water in the pond today, but I am not sharing it here.....because I don't really want to see it again.  At the time I took the picture, I was simply amazed at the spider's ability to walk on water.  I hope it stays near the pond.

I took this picture of one of the bungalows today, because the sky behind it was so beautiful.  I wanted to remember it, and I enjoyed tweeting it on behalf of Tasma House.

Today I also enjoyed reviewing my pictures from yesterday and chose to share this duck picture along with the snapshot of the grapevine that is beginning to show life on the chook house in Tasma Gardens.  I appreciate these random bits of beauty and actually wonder about their randomness.

I enjoyed a roast lamb dinner, prepared by Adrian, and I focused on eating it, rather than taking pictures of it.....Therefore, I do not have a picture of that delicious meal, though it is still on my mind and feeling good in my tummy, as it was quite yummy.....and I am thankful to have had it.

The last part of my day has been spent deciding to blog about all these things and considering how blessed I am.  Sometimes, for me, blogging is like praying.  It is my time to reflect (which I have done) and to be thankful (which I am).

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